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Several years ago, I took two weeks to drive across the country, determined to explore the small towns and farm country of the American Heartland. I loved Nebraska. It felt sincere and welcoming, and in spite of its reputation, I found it visually beautiful. Two years later when I returned to concentrate on photography, I stayed for three weeks and left wanting more.

Exploring Nebraska was my introduction to photographing agriculture. Along the way I discovered that being a professional photographer is, in itself, a bridge to meeting the people who devote their lives to working the land. If you are a tourist, it might seem rude if you stopped to make a quick snapshot of a farmer running a tractor or combine. But as a serious photographer, you can stop and pull out your equipment with a purpose, and when you smile and wave, most farmers gladly stop and talk for a few minutes and generously allow you to photograph whatever you want. More likely than not, the encounter will exceed your expectations one way or another and you'll drive away with something more valuable than your pictures.

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